Part of the lecture given by HH Kadamba Kanana Swami (SB 2.6.40-41 3.may 1997)

If we simply think: “What’s in it for Krishna?” – Than we start to think in the different way… But when we think: “What’s in it for me?” -Than we are whimsical. That is all right- It is nothing shocking, that you are whimsical. That is to be expected, but it is one of the anarthas, which is blocking you from actually being able to connect with Krishna. Because of such an anartha you cannot see Krishna. And you can do anything in your service that is nice, but that anartha is still there. Now, your service will gradually purify that anartha, but if you hold on to it than it will take a little longer… It is better that we immediately, when we understand the philosophy very well, apply it to our situation right now- not somewhere in the future – but right now – and surrender. Just surrender.

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