Advaita Acharya is special because by His prayer Lord Caitanya appeared and we pray to Advaita Acharya so that the lord will manifest in the innermost chambers of the heart. The outside shell we have nicely decorated with tiluk etc but what is in the innermost chambers of our heart, that we wouldn’t ever speak. So secretly we are hiding. Somehow or other we carry on, by the mercy of Mahaprabhu, and He will make arrangements to purify the heart…..
Anyway there is just one thing for me, ” Asabanda”,hope against hope that in spite of the fact that I know I’m lacking, that my heart is steel framed, that I have no spiritual emotion whatsoever, I’m still hoping that I can get the mercy of Lord Caitanya. Hope against hope for the mercy of Lord Caitanya.
Therefore I will never give up my devotional service. Never! Whatever may happen. I will never, never give it up! No matter what happens! Even if the whole world explodes I will still carry on my devotional service. I am ready for anything. Nothing, Nothing will break my devotional service. Because I know that if somehow or other I hold on to that then Mahaprabhu is very kind, very kind, and He may just give it to me: Krishna Prema.
SB class 26/01/07 Australia

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