But a good part of that suffering is just being… borrrrrrrred, being very borrrred. Maharaja says in a very boring tone: “What are we going to do today? I dunnno. Shall we go somewhere? If you want. Where shall we go? Oh, I dunno. Shall we go for a drive? Yeaah. Mayyybe. Could stay home as well? I don’t really care. As you like. Is there anything you would like to do? Nahhh, not really, shall we watch tv? I guess so, what’s on todayyy?”
Nothing turns people on: “Shall we go to the movie? Yeah maybe. Well here’s the paper here’s the list of all the movies, Which one shall we go? Oh I dunno. Whatever you like? Shall we go on the bicycle? Yeah maybe, but so much wind you know, it’s always the same. What’s wrong with you? Nothing much I’m just……………………… bored”
We recognise the tendency, haven’t we all, sometimes we have this mood where you just felt like that. “ What do we do now? Oh I dunnno”
So material life is actually quite boring, oh yes it is, oh yes it is. But there are some who put a bit of sugar on the old bubble gum and they chew on it again. But do you know what they do? They get the bubble gum and they put it around their gum and they blow a big balloon. A big big big one. So this is the pastime of people in material life. Blowing balloons. And in this pastime of blowing balloons they are trying to enjoy the shape, the colour, and all the varieties there are and everyone goes “ look at mine, wowww” “ oh I got many” sometimes you see some people walking around with twenty balloons and he is so proud of them, he is almost floating about in the sky, above the ground I mean. So there are many varieties of balloons, some people have a big balloon which they can go around in a basket, they get in it and fly high and think they are on top of the world. But they are all balloons because they are all temporary. You can build a castle, but the difference between the person who built this castle is dead, he’s dead. So what is the point? What can you gain? What can you gain with all the balloons? So you may put sugar on your chewing gum so you can blow balloons and you can get some taste out of it, but in the Srimad Bhagavatam we find the explanation of the wise. The wise are not cheating us, the wise are not arrogant, the wise are not trying to lord it over us, the wise are not trying to show how smart they are, how learned they are. The wise just try to give the truth. In the Srimad bhagavatam we find how Prahlada Maharaja was speaking the truth and he said … sanskrit…. He explained that people they do not know the goal of life. And they get all involved in manipulating this material energy, try to create beautiful dreams in the form of beautiful balloons but …..sanskrit…They are just chewing what has already been chewed in so many types. That is the conclusion of the Vedic literatures. Therefore my little analogy of chewing gum, sugar, baloons …etc.
Yes not everyone is bored of course not, some people are very excited, some people are very enthusiastic. Some people say, but this world is beautiful. It is very beautiful, yes it is beautiful but yet the beauty also has some imperfections. An objective observer would say well, there’s beauty but behind the beauty there is also cruelty. Because I look at the beautiful ocean but within that ocean there is a lot of cruelty. Look at the beauty of nature. I’ll never forget that trip to Sweden because Mahaprabhu out of His kindness had arranged for all these nature movies we had to look at on the bus. Endlessly we saw whole wars going on in nature. Big fights going on, albatrosses flying around on the ocean and playing and little little birds were sliding in the water, big whales were already waiting there to place tennis with them for a while and then eat them and all kind of things…… It was intense…….. So what is happening in this world?
We can be romantic and sit at the fire site…. and sit in nice chairs and look at eachother and wear nice dresses, while the rain is sofly ticking against the window and say, “ Cheeeeeers, Darling” and enjoy the evening and share a wonderful moment. But you know it’s not like that all the time, not like that all the time.
There may be some living entity living in the wood there he is being burned up you know while they are going “ Cheers!” While the rain is ticking against the window some people are walking out there getting soaked and wet and freezing. So there’s always the light and the dark, the duality can not be overlooked in this material world, only a dreamer is overlooking the darkside and the lightside. One who is only looking at one side, at the darkside, depressed “How are you? Well carrrrying on, Not badddd”. It’s that kind of season here, in Venelux, anybody you meet “ How are things?” a boring depressed tone :”yeaaaaahhhh carrying onnn”
But if you go to Australia for example, “ How’s it going, How are things!”….in a very loud enthusiastic voice: “ Greattt!!! Great!”
Which is also of course, I mean, anybody here would say that is artificial, it’s not just great, that’s not realistic, these people are dreamning. And the aussies would say “God, these people down there are so gloomy, so gloomy and they see things so dark” It’s natural you see things a little dark when it gets dark at four in the afeternoon and light at eight thirty in the morning and it’s easy where you’re down in Aus where the sun is shining quite a bit pretty much all year round, they don’t have any strange darknesses like we’re having this part, in this neck of the woods. So this material world is not just a dream place it may be beautiful but even if you love that beauty and say I love this life for all the beauty that I have experienced, for all the goodness that I tasted and you say “ At least this world, we can say that the good outdoes the bad and therefore it is all worth it! And I’ll do it again.” You may say so and you will do it again, and again and again and again and again and again in this cycle of birth and death and say yes, it’s worth it, it’s worth it, the experience, the taste, I’m ready……maybe.
But if you look at all this beauty you should know there is one behind it all, who has created it all, who is lot more beautiful than all the beauty that exists in this world. And beauty in all the sense of the word, not only beauty in the sense of physical beauty but beauty in terms of a noble heart, beauty in terms of his dealings. There is no one who is more noble nobody, no one who is more gentle, nobody who is more wonderful in His nature. There is nobody more beautiful in His intelligence. There is nobody more beautiful in the way He solves problems. There’s no one more beautiful than Krishna….. that’s the bottom line. When you come to that point and you realise it then you develop a little attraction for …………..Krishna……………..contd tomo

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