We give books to anyone and everyone! We give books to devout people, we give books to butchers, we give books to soldiers in Iraq…we give books anywhere! One of our book distributors in Holland was distributing books in offices and they didn’t like it, so they called the police. So he ran away with his books into the streets and he had the box of books in front of his belly and he was running and running. And then he went into a corner of a street and they were following him and it was a dead-end street! And he didn’t know what to do! And then he saw in the wall, it was just some back ally- just walls, no windows- and in the wall there was a door! and he felt if the door was open, and it was open! And he went inside! And there was a corridor, and he walked along this corridor and there was a light in the end of the corridor and he walked towards the light, and as he came to the light, he walked straight onto the stage and there was a big applause! And the man with the microphone said, “Ah! Here is the man with the prizes! Welcome! We were waiting for you!” and he took the books and they distributed them to everyone who was there! Everyone got one! And at the end, the man said, “uh, all right, what is the bill?” the devotee wrote a good, fat bill and then do you know what kind of program this was? It was a conference with butchers!!! Just see, Lord Caitanya’s movement! When Lord Caitanya takes control, anything can happen! And when devotees go out and distribute books, then the books themselves find people! These are spiritual books and they find people! And it’s amazing if you get into that mood, ‘Let the book find someone!’ then what kind of people this book will find- you never know! This story proves it…

(Excerpt from Lenasia Ratha Yatra, September ’08, HH KKSwami)

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