Prabhupada’s Glories
How do you know it is all true, Have you seen Krishna? Who has seen Krishna? (Baby crys)
Maybe he has seen Krishna. Ok maybe children see things that adults don’t see, but maybe we have all seen Krishna once but we have forgot, so this point have you seen Krishna…. have you seen Krishna through your own eyes….anyone?….then how do you know? ….. that Krishna exists?
Devotee speaks
Maharaja: Are you sure you are in the right movement?
Devotee speaks:
Maharaja: you think He exist eh?……… What makes you think that?
Devotee speaks
Maharaja: Anyway I’ve dug a pit and I have to now climb out of it! Basically we can say Prabhupada showed such extraordinary love for Krishna that that alone is convincing, that alone is completely convincing. And he made such a sacrifice for Krishna , that alone is convincing, he lived such a life of pure devotion, that alone destroys all doubt and if you were still to have doubts after that then he gives you piles of argument, logic, reason and argument so you can read that and he hammers your head until you finally say ok I surrender.

Lets take a few minutes just to meditate a little bit more on Srila Prabhupada and lets hear from you the contribution to what attracts you in Prabhupada
Few devotees speaks
Maharaja: Yeah so, the translation is that Lord Chaitanya said in every town and village, my holy name will be chanted and …Prabhupada did it
Few devotee speaks
Maharaja: Yeah he made things so simple, the complex things.. the Bing Bang…ok, where did that come from? where did the lump of matter come from? …..such good questions he would ask, like practical or complex philosophy
Devotee speaks
Maharaja: Yeah so I think that altogether we are getting a picture of Prabhupada, which is quite clear that, there’s not really another person like him, that is very clear. Who thinks that Prabhupada is completely unique?……….
Yeah, me too, I think that once in a day of Brahma, Krishna appears, scripture says, once in a day of Brahma, Lord Chaitanya appears and Lord Chaitanya He is spreading Krishna consciousness all over India ….and Prabhupada takes it from east to west…he did that and Prabhupada said that Now that it is done it will not be undone, too late now it is here to stay, too late…..they can not stop it anymore….TOO LATE!
So Prabhupada did it, Right, it is done only once where Krishna consciousness is brought from east to west, so the work Prabhupada did is only once in a day of Brahma, therefore as an Acharya he is unique in the entire day of Brahma, there is no Acharya who is doing what he is doing. That is to be understood. This is his unique task in the entire day of Brahma and as such Prabhupada’s fame and glories will increase and will be more and more known!…..contd tomo

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