Even when you put Krishna in front of them they cannot think, simply presenting the all all- attractive Krishna but cannot focus. Here is Krishna but they are thinking of other things. The mind is in fifty different places. Prabhupada was forcing people to concentrate to pay attention to go beyond the modes of material nature. Krishna is all attractive. Prabhupad said that it is not that one place is good for Krishna consciousness and another place is not good for Krishna consciousness. We as we are going on book distribution we have our favourite places and we have places that we don’t like, where we don’t want to go, if you have to distribute books , boy there are some places. My favourite place is Uxul, it’s a little forgotten place of Holland, but that spot is where Belgium touches Holland and it becomes a little corner of two lands. That is like the people are Dutch but they are like Belgians, the brains are Dutch , that means the brains are sharp but the hearts are Belgian, its one real good place, the best of both worlds , they’re sharp but not hard hearted. In Holland the people are sharp, the hearts are hard.. In Belgium the people aren’t so sharp but their hearts are hearts are soft. But there they were just the right combination. So it was just the right combination for me. I did great there every time, loved the place. So I was convinced the place was the best place for book distribution. I was convinced that some places were good and that some places were bad. But Prabhupada did not agree he said it is not that one place is better than any other. All places are good. He proved that because in India everyone thought that the West was on the other side of the ocean, the Vedas say don’t go there, the more west you go the more materialistic people are , the more remote they become from the Supreme Lord , it says like this in the scriptures , impossible. But nevertheless Prabhupada went and said yes because Krishna is everywhere, there are devotees everywhere. Therefore you cannot say that one place is better than another and Lord Chaitanya said, so he was ready to find them, to find those who were ready but of course he was adopting everyone , he was giving mercy to all, that’s the spirit.

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