Krishna gives the mercy to all, no one is exempted from the mercy of Krishna , so giving mercy to all is our mission , to do that one must work around the clock all the time , one must and even when one is resting ,one minimizes that , we must develop this sense of responsibility for those who are in the modes of material nature. That is actually, real Krishna consciousness. Real KC is not that we must think of Krishna. It is said one should always remember Krishna and never forget him. That is the purpose of all the injunctions and prohibitions of the Vedas. OK very nice. But ultimately if we meditate one Krishna , lotus eyes , lotus feet, lotus face, we must meditate in the mood of service, we must serve Krishna and really serving Krishna , if you serve anyone its not just you bring that person what you he should have , that’s the beginning of serving someone. But eventually becoming a better servant we should try and find what he wants and the more you are becoming sensitive to what that person needs, then you are becoming a good servant, and we are trained like that , by the spiritual master.

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