So the idea of the mantra is that it can deliver the mind, it can free the mind from all kinds of entanglement because it is said in the 11th Canto Srimad Bhagavatam that somehow or other this world is full of objects and the nature of the mind is to go into the objects and then the objects go into the mind. So, we carry so many things with us, so many impressions with us and they pre-occupy our mind. So it’s very difficult- in the morning you wake up and already some of the worries from the day before are there, they’re back in the mind. You open your eyes- they’re back! “ I really have to do something about this, something about that…” But one who is a devotee learns to leave these things aside. In the early morning, no time for all these things. We don’t worry. Early in the morning, our time is for Krsna. It’s too early anyway; you can’t call anyone yet because everyone’s asleep and they get upset if you ring them so early! So there’s no point in turning on the phone, just leave it switched off because no one’s going to call anyway, everyone is asleep. And if devotees call you, they shouldn’t call you during this time, so just don’t answer your phone! As simple as that! So let the phone be off, and let the day begin, be peaceful. Of course, one has to make sure he rises early enough before the children wake up so that they also cannot cause any distraction…
…Now we are just concerned with our relationship with Krsna, for once. All other relationships- forget! Relationship with our parents, relationship with our children, relationship with our friends, everything – leave it for later. Let them sleep, and chant. We focus on Krsna.
(Excerpt from a class in Durban, SA, ’05, HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja)

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