( KKS FEB 06)
Whatever sounds come from Krishna’ flute is equally unlimited as He is …
so just by thinking about such things…Krishna playing his flute, and of course we know Krishna plays many flutes, not one flute, He has many flutes, one is a small flute with nine holes but then there are also other flutes, bigger, …sanskrit….. is another flute, it is generally made of silver and gold and bedecked with jewels also…sanskrit…., still bigger and finally…sanskrit…the flute which the cowherd boys like, it is very long and a very deep sound and that is the one the cowherd boys remembering. Krishna expresses Himself in His flute playing, adept in playing His flute, head bedecked with peacock feathers, Krishna is said that because He is such a flute player all the peacocks from Vrndavana would come and they would spontaneously dance, while Krishna was playing, then in gratitude the peacocks they ask Krishna to please accept a gift because He was playing such nice music and so they could dance so nicely, so then they offered Him the best they was a peacock feather, they had nothing better so they gave, Krishna gracefully accepted it and put it on His head because it was the best thing that they had,that they had offered to Him. He was very pleased by this, so this is the spirit: the best is for Krishna… and we see that the eternal servants of Krishna, whether they be peacocks, whether they be parrots, whether they be trees, whether they be deers whether they be cowherd boys or parents or gopis they are giving their very best, the wind is blowing at it’s best for Krishna…Not like we were in Slovakia and there was this wind, it was this most intense wind, it was really one of those experiences… like icy wind.. like I had never experienced before, just to walk from the restaurant, to the programme to the car, it was not so far but it was deadly, deadly wind, I’m sure you all know this experience, this one ofcourse came from Sybria…but in the spiritual world, right, the wind is just most pleasant, the wind is pleasing Krishna and automatically His devotees, there is the most pleasant wind that just carries all the fragrances and just feels right, everything is just really nice…. Prabhupada of course in Mayapur, seated in Mayapur and even in the thunderstorms in Mayapur during the months of the end of March, beginning of April, begins the Bengali month…Vaisakh… and this Bengali month….Vaisakh is the storm season then we have Kalvaisakhi.. incredible storms and during this time, the wind just blows over trees and houses and all kind of things, there was such a storm and there were devotees running to close windows etc and someone thought “Prabhupada, Prabhupada sitting in his room and all the doors and windows are open” and they were and Prabhupada was sitting in his room and his cloth was flapping in the wind and his eyes were shinging bright and round, bright and round…and they came in and “ Prabhupada, the windows, the doors.”
And Prabhupada ….“ Yes very nice! Very nice, this Vaikuntha breeze, this Vaikunthata breeze is from the spiritual world”
so nice because the wind in Mayapur is purifying, it is carrying the Ganga, it is the breeze from the Ganga….in the Caitanya Bhagavata this breeze is glorified, it is said that anyone who is touched by the breeze naturally starts to chant Hare Krishna..what a breeze! We want that breeze that Hare Krishna breeze, that Vaikuntha breeze, if it makes you chant Hare Krishna that is the breeze… where we want to be …yes…so in this way..Krishna… ….the whole world like I said is intense, there is violence, we live in it, it’s normal, we step outside of the shop, BRMMMMM, the buses are there, we are used to it, we are not so foolish, that we would just step on the road, look a left, look a right..but meanwhile ..brghhhh..fumes in your face, it is violence, violent on your nose, violent on your eyes, violent on your lungs…violent. So the entire material world is violent and we think well that is modern society… no.. it is not just the modern society, if you read the Manu Samhita, the Vedic law book and there it is .. all the laws are in there, everything and the interesting part is the Vedic culture, the law is not blind… in the western world the law is blind, there is a statue of lady justice and she is holding scales in her hand and she is blindfolded… the law is blind, the law has no brain, the law has no brain… but in the Manu Samhita…the law is not blind, the law is different for different people, according to the particular nature of a person… here is a different standard of law, different standard of law for brahmanas then there are for sudras, as for vaiysas, as for ksatriyas…it’s very intelligent actually……..

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