“But if you look at all this beauty you should know there is one behind it all, who has created it all, who is lot more beautiful than all the beauty that exists in this world. And beauty in all the sense of the word, not only beauty in the sense of physical beauty but beauty in terms of a noble heart, beauty in terms of his dealings. There is no one who is more noble nobody, no one who is more gentle, nobody who is more wonderful in His nature. There is nobody more beautiful in His intelligence. There is nobody more beautiful in the way He solves problems. There’s no one more beautiful than Krishna….. that’s the bottom line. When you come to that point and you realise it then you develop a little attraction for …………..Krishna”

“When we come to Krishna and realise Krishna is…when you feel a little attraction for Krishna and then we can begin to do some service for Krishna. One should begin to serve Krishna, he very quickly becomes attached to that service. Devotional service has a special taste. And once you start doing it you develop an attraction for doing it. That attachment can save you. That attachment can save you from all attachment to other things because that attachment will gradually destroy all other attachments. Therefore if you have a little attachment to Krishna do as much service as you can, do as much as you can for Krishna. Even if you have no attachment for Krishna do as much service out of curiosity to see what will happen if you do.”

“So this is the message of Bhagavad Gita, one should understand this is not the message of a movement, this is not the message of a group of people, Hare Krishnas, this is not our message, we are not the proprieter’s of this message, we have not invented it, nor have we made it…..we have simply received it from the ancient Vedic tradition where we find the Bhagavad Gita is a scripture in the format of the Upanisads which are very ancient Vedic scriptures and so is the Bhagavad Gita. So it is bringing us a message from which in it self, in this literature is recorded 5000yrs ago and is according to that literature much older than that, it brings us that. It has been followed throughout the ages and it has now come to the Western World”

“Personality or identity are words of course that you can look up in the dictionary and you can see…but besides that, in this material world our personality, it’s very hard for us to figure out what our personality is ………..because we have our pure personality, our pure ego and we have our false ego so the false ego is covering the pure ego, infact it can cover it so much you can no longer see it anymore, what the pure ego is and actually a lot of the personality that we are experiencing here as our character, our nature, our individual being may be our false ego and therefore may be very little coming through of our eternal natural personality…although something is coming through …but still you can not be sure what your eternal nature is at the present stage where you are conditioned by your false ego. So we are all conditioned by false ego therefore we undergo a process of purification and pure identity will manifest. Of course we know that everyone is the eternal servant of Krishna in his pure identity but how he is the eternal servant of Krishna will only be manifest after prolonged and dedicated devotional service when we come to pure devotional service. Then it will be known how you are actually related to Krishna in devotional service and that’s your pure identity”

“Therefore when we speak of being in Krishna consciousness then we should understand that we are not in Krishna consciousness, that we are maybe in the reflection of Krishna Consciousness. Many times it is explained to us that we are chanting not the pure name of Krishna, which is non different to Krishna, but only nama abhasa, the dim refection of the holy name…..so to expand on this concept means that actually we are not..it is not possible to be in Krishna Consciousness. At this point we are just in the stage of reflection of Krishna consciousness. Some of the great qualities and glories of real Krishna Consciousness are manifesting in our present level of practice but you wouldn’t really call it Krishna Consciousness because genuine Krishna consciousness is the platform of the spiritual sky, so really what we are doing is we are not actual Krishna conscious we are trying to cultivate Krishna consciousness , that is actually the reality of what we are doing”

“So Prabhupada did it, Right, it is done only once where Krishna consciousness is brought from east to west, so the work Prabhupada did is only once in a day of Brahma, therefore as an Acharya he is unique in the entire day of Brahma, there is no Acharya who is doing what he is doing. That is to be understood. This is his unique task in the entire day of Brahma and as such Prabhupada’s fame and glories will increase and will be more and more known”

No we are not fruitive so we become submissive and flexible to all the vaishnavas but we don’t expect that they become submissive and flexible to us, that is all spontaneous so therefore you can not say it doesn’t work, it only doesn’t work if you are not flexible, do you understand what I am saying?
This remark “it doesn’t work” is taking it from a mundane platform where it is an exchange, I bend you bend I give you give, you know, equal giving and that business that is material, in spiritual life we are ready to give and bend and give up our own fixed opinions, our own fixed ideas and just bend to the will of the devotees, that is our spiritual life because we can …alright it doesn’t matter, this isn’t so important he has such a strong desire, alright let me just go along with it, as long as his desire is connected to the mission for spreading Krishna consciousness.
You may see for example someone may have a desire to go and distribute prasadam, late in the evening in the city… ok, well that’s a bit late, we are suppose to sleep at that time, this that but if someone has so much enthusiasm you say go ahead, go ahead do it because it is part of the mission, then we support and we are flexible and we say yes yes yes, because of the desire the person has connected himself to the mission and anytime we see that the person has connected himself with the mission, then we become supportive of him, this is our mood. This is where we encourage people and we go along with people, so we must develop this mood to encourage others when they have the desire to do something in mission of Krishna consciousness, whatever it is we encourage them, that is the vaishnava principle”

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