Prabhupada helps everyone
We see this spirit in Prabhupada who was so ready, it is said Prabhupada always had time for everyone , people say this a lot about Prabhupada , he was so nice they say , although he was the head of international institution , he still made time for every individual this is what they say , it wasn’t like a management technique.
His mission was to deliver every single person in the entire universe and if anyone turned to him then he would reciprocate irregardless of his own situation, condition, health, lack of energy, age , he would just respond and somehow or other connect that person with Krishna. Of course that is a very blissful engagement; first of all it is really fulfilling the desire of Krishna who wants to bring all living to the highest level of ecstasy, into this eternal ocean of ever growing bliss and when one is occupied in that service he is recognised by Krishna.
Krishna recognises this is my most dear devotee. It’s a matter of commitment, feeling responsible for the well being of all. Prabhupada felt responsible for the well being of the whole world, that was his mission and he felt personally responsible, a very big commitment, an inconceivable commitment , he wasn’t thinking how much energy to do I have , I am just one man how can I deal with the whole world. He was thinking I rely on Krishna, that Krishna will supply me with what I require; he wasn’t thinking of any material calculation, 70 years old Swamiji, and Srimati murarji, said Swamiji 70 years old how can you go on this boat. He said no it is my mission; it is the order of my spiritual master, I must go. So serious!
She said but Swamiji you are old. She could see she could not change his mind. Basically she could not tell him no, because she was a devotee of Krishna. He knew very well that Srimati Muraji was a great devotee of Balagopal. She was a Tusti-Marga follower of Vallaba Acharya , a vaisnavi, she could not refuse him. Could she say that Krishna would not help him, that Krishna would not empower him, no how could she deny the words of Bhagavad-Gita.
So when he was so determined ,Lord Krishna will help me, then what could she say. The Lord is not just helping everyone to perform miracles, to perform miracles he is helping few. But when their determination is so great, to go beyond all limitations, to just do it, to take on the mission of all, delivering all, like Prabhupada. Then naturally, she said if you are so determined then Krishna will protect you, he will make it possible.
We say Prabhupada was preaching to everyone, he also took responsibility for everyone. Therefore he was automatically preaching to everyone. He was always thinking this person also I have to take him back. Naturally trying to give everyone what it would take to take him back. This is the core. It wasn’t like it was: I have this duty from my spiritual master – to preach, Prabhupada took it to a much deeper level – the whole world in my hands. There was this advertisement of an insurance company, a slogan, it meant the whole world in our hands, and Prabhupad said yes the whole world is in our hands. The whole world is in our protection. And we have difficulty extending our interests to a few people.
Being responsible for ten, twenty, fifty people to become Krishna conscious. Imagine what Prahupada had to go through; the whole world doesn’t want to become Krishna conscious. He was still taking responsibility for them to become it, whether they wanted or not. There going to be Krishna conscious it’s just a matter of time. Alright I’ll give them something for now, and for those who are a little more serious I’ll give them a little more. But everyone I’ll give something. No one will get away, take some Prasad.
There’s a man, a professor, in Melbourne sitting with a dripping gulab jaman – dripping with sugar syrup, all dressed up in a suit , no plate , nothing , how could he eat such a thing without a plate and fork. Prabhupada says yes you can taste it. Finally the man bites after Prabhupad insists, sugar syrup drips everywhere. Prabhupada smiles and says nice isn’t it, very nice. The man smiles and says yes. All those clothes soiled with the sugar syrup!
Such a desire, such a desire , to give someone Krishna consciousness. This man also, you also. You’re also in my bhakta program, Praphupada had a very big bhakta programme, that was all, and everyone was in it, whether they wanted it or not, they were in his bhakta program. And people responded like anything. Prabhupada never worried that Krishna consciousness would not spread; he was never thinking here I am in this impossible condition in a place where the people are so sinful and materialistic. No, they will take it. Why will they take it? Krishna is all attractive , there’s no question that they will not be attracted to Krishna , they are just out of focus , bewildered so much by these modes of material nature especially passion and ignorance that they just cannot see.

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