The Christian concept of God is some sort of God is love, God is all benevolent and is kind of like an entity which is bless, bless , and good to all. He is kind and blessing to all. And India many deities are worshipped for some kind of blessing. But Krishna is not like that , Krishna is very active and personal, when Krishna is blessing he’s not just sitting and blessing and sending a beam of light , but Krishna is personally taking an interest in every living being therefore He appears as Paramatma, and he’s personally trying to pull every living being out the modes of material nature. He’s hiding within the consciousness of every living and trying to pull him out of the material energy, that is Krishna’s aim and purpose. If one really is the servant of Krishna then one just as Krishna adopts every living being He personally takes so much trouble to come with every living being in the material world and even against His will he’s trying to give him transcendental knowledge, so one who really wants to be the servant of Krishna must take this mission. Alright well in this age, it is very difficult to become free from the modes of material nature, we are so much condition by the lower modes of material nature that to develop pure goodness is very difficult but it will develop when we become absorbed in pleasing Krishna.

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