KKS – MYSTIC OPULENCE (part3)……So the Manu Samhimta laws are much nicer than the laws of man in the material world but we look in the Manu Samhita and still there are many laws, it says for example when a bullock cart causes an accident, when a bullock cart causes an accident then there are different ways to determine who is the guilty party, it says if the brake pin of the wheel , you know the wheel has a little pin holding on to the axle, if this is broken then we understand the owner of the cart has been neglectful in maintaining the cart and then he is responsible, right, and when the cart is just turning over due to like some fault in the road then he is not responsible….so all these things are there, how to determine who is responsible, so there you go, they needed laws to deal with bullock cart accidents so even the so called natural Vedic culture was also violent, also violent…we hear about the muslim in the vedic literature who was refered to having been pierced by the tusks of a boar… a wild boar, who just with his tusks pierced him and the man was seriously injured and called out ..”haram haram” . “ what misfortune” in his language, “ haram haram haram!”, which of course in our language is quite auspicious, if you called that out in a time of trouble, “ HareRama HareRama” ….so he did good and he is a classic example of Vedic literature of one who engaged in nama abhaas, he called out the name of the Lord unknowingly… but anyway it illustrates my theme of the violence of the material world…………..maybe it’s because the whole day, I left, this morning we left at four oclock from the Spanish farm and then drove and violence, it’s cold and then the heater was too hot, it was just suffocating, but in the back he was freezing and in the front it was summer! And it’s just like really intense and finally we had to go through a tunnel and there was no oxygen, right, and there was so much gas we almost choked till we finally got out and then at the airport, xrays over the prasadm, right….. Violence, total Violence …My prasadam! Keep your dirty xrays of my prasadam!……..anyway prasdadam is prasadam so take it.. but like that….. plane…Gosh!

the seats are violence , the whole thing is violence, it’s weird in the air, pressure, noises and then in Brussels which was our stop in between, bad landing, bad bad landing!…. Violence ….There was a lot of fog all the way to the ground and the plane was going vrghh! Vrghhhhh! and finally bounce , bounce bounce, and aghhhhh!….stomach somewhere back in the plane…… super intense……..anyway and sort of after all that I sort of feel that,whatever….. Krishna kept us going through out….it was ok we chanted a bit, we read , we took some prasadam, xrays or no xrays!… and we were tired, well at least I was…it was a short night.. by the end we were really tired.. but it doesn’t matter because there the real solace is Krishna, there is shelter, there is ….Vaikuntha , no anxiety, there is relief, there is actually something very nice…., there is something positive… that’s why I am saying ..Krishna…. Lotus eyes…. nice… some people they look violent also, they are not beautiful, but Krishna is just beautiful, just wonderful to see, a pleasure , everything about Him is just giving life. Sometimes He is called Prana Natha, the Lord who gives Prana, who gives life, because just the last few days there were a few days in Spain, in the morning it is quite cold and in the night it freezes but in the afternoon it is just really warm and the sun is out and you can even sit in the sun outside, practically, well you know peel of most of your clothes and just sit there for hours, that was really good actually it was very very nice …of course here you don’t want to! So like that the sun, the sun in this world is very important because the sun also gives us life, gives us energy, it’s not just warm but we get energy.

And the sun is representing Krishna..very much so.. In the Gayatri Mantra … we are remembering Surya Narayana, we are remembering Krishna who is providing all the energy of the sun and who is here in that way behind the sun, and Krishna is like more than that, Krishna is giving us life …. Krishna..It is said that the resident s of Dwarka, at one point when Krishna left Dwarka for some time… it was like they went blind, because there was nothing to look at for them and when Krishna came there sight was restored ….because seeing Krishna is the most fulfilling experience… in this way we find the description how Narada Muni saw Krishna and simultaneously all his senses were becoming completely alert and all his senses were simultaneously experiencing …havingthe most inspiring experience!…..

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