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…Narada Muni saw Krishna and simultaneously all his senses were becoming completely alert and all his senses were simultaneously experiencing …having the most inspiring experience!….. Because whatever they saw, Krishna ,and you can say they were all eye, then when they heard Krishna they were all ear, and smell Krishna, that smell that was just totally taking over…see when I talk about smell, my eyes are closing now and I am all nose… my nostrils open up and smell, go deep in the smell or go deep in the sound ..but Narada Muni was going deep in all, the seeing Krishna, the most amazing thing, hearing Krishna was the most amazing thing and smelling Krishna was the most amazing thing.. all that happens all at the same time and of course total confusion but at the same time a most ecstatic confusion….He couldn’t contain himself, the ecstasy was just overwhelming and beyond his control because Krishna is like that, He is the ultimate reservoir of all pleasure….sanskrit….He is the all encompassing form of all taste and all pleasure and therefore somehow or other we must always remember Krishna.
He stands in a three bended form and Rupa Goswami was explaining: don’t go at Kesi Ghatta and don’t look at Govinda at Kesi Ghatta if you still have any attachment to this material world….don’t do it, don’t do it! because Krishna will take away all of our attachments … so this is so nice, whatever Krishna does is nice…..
Like I was reading tenth canto and all these different stories about Krishna and the whole day we had read a lot… and Krishna sometimes ………He is also violent! He is, right.
The Krishna book is not exactly all about love and things are so sweet……no sometimes it is quite intense right…chopping arms and legs and things like this and fighting like anything….. Yes but that is also good because that is not violence but that is actually giving us also relief from the violence from the demons. We are being harassed. Everyone is living in fear, who doesn’t lock the door at night, who leaves everything wide open… “Dear wanders in the night come in my house!”….we put the lock on, put the chain, the latch and all these things we put because it is a crazy world, crazy world … some people of course they don’t care they just go to sleep anywhere anytime ..but is that intelligent .. I don’t know….crazy world…….
So Krishna may fight, yes, we even have Krishna in the form of Lord Nrshingadeva, and then we have that picture of how Lord Nrshingadeva, Hiranyakasipu still on his lap, he has just taken out the intestines and there is like blood all over the place and there already something like hanging around His neck, intestines as a garland as well and there He is Lord Nrsghingadeva quite covered in blood and so on and we have used pictures of Him and sometimes it happens that a guest walks in to a temple and really sees the picture, not just walk pasts but really registers that that is there and say “” What! Is That!?”…. and we say “ Oh, that’s God”
“ Is that your God!? Is that Him?!”
And we say yes that’s our God…He is very gentle (( crowd laughs)
He doesn’t look it but He is very angry, He is very angry and that shows how gentle He is..how soft hearted He is.

We can see that lord Nrshingavdeva is the especially soft hearted form of the Lord, He is especially soft hearted, because when Hiranyakasipu was messing with Prahlada the Lord just became ferocious. But wouldn’t we become ferocious too.
If I was too see someone attacking a little child I may also feel like taking a little bit of a Narashinga form! And I wouldn’t mind at all ripping the guy to pieces, right, I might even try if he wasn’t leaving the kid alone because there are limits to the amount tolerated and therefore we see how Lord Narshingadeva is very soft hearted ..He cares … and therefore the violence of Krishna is not violence .. it is the end of violence…. It is the beginning of peace… of course in the spiritual world such thing are not required…there the violence is just fun, wrestling for fun that is different, so I am just thinking let’s take shelter, shelter of Krishna , let us take shelter of His lotus feet, His nails are like moons , so Krishna’s nails are like the mother of pearls, they are very bright they shine like the moon . so Krishna’s nails are more beautiful then the moon. To say that Krishna’s nails are like the moon is in one sense: it is impossible to compare anything with Krishna.
It is explained that like jewellery is usually used to make people look better, we see that especially older ladies deck themselves out with lots of gold, lots of jewellery and then they look like something….. But with Krishna it is the opposite,.He is wearing jewels and the jewels become more beautiful by Krishna wearing them so nothing in the world can compare to Krishna, so if we see how the Acharyas are describing Krishna they then go very slow, they go slow, they don’t rush…( Maharaja jokingly speaks fast) : “Ok Krishna plays a flute, wears a peacock feather, has a threefold bend form and He is the colour of a monsoon cloud and what’s next”……..

No there is no what’s next, He plays the flute, Oh and they get into it. What happens with that flute, we know so many thing about the flute, Gopis they are envious of Krishna’s flute, they tried to steal Krishna’s flute and it says that Krishna is very careful at keeping the flute away from them because the tendency of the Gopis is to snatch that flute away and hide it somewhere…why..because this flute is getting the attention of Krishna’s lips and they can not tolerate it . “ It’s too much this flute is stealing away our property” so they have a thing with the flute…so what to say ….so these things are very deep ……..and difficult to understand….but that is the spiritual world, the spiritual world, where everyone and everything is meaningful…….not the empty world.

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