HH KKS: We have to go back to Godhead this lifetime. I mean you know, if we’re not doing it for that ….it’s like very funny, like the other day we had a discussion in Mayapur in a Bhagavatam class and the point that was being discussed by various senior devotees was that ….well if you’re doing it anyway you may as well do it all the way – why do it reluctantly, when you’re doing it anyway …why resisting all the way, why keep some resistance, why hold back, why do half, why do half work? If we’re doing …we may as well do it, we may as well do it all the way. Otherwise the result is not there. So many of us do it for 20 or 30 years or more only partially that’s really funny a whole life spent dragging our feet thinking…God you know its so difficult, boy can I surrender to this oh will I and so on…a whole lifetime dragging our feet. One may as well just really get in to it. We had a discussion about that with many various senior devotees, it was very nice. It was a nice discussion because this is in fact we’re in it and we may as well joyfully perform it, relish it… we may as well see how nice it is rather that think well its nice but there’s also a shadow side and just…its not always easy. But then if you say no forget it and just get into – enthusiasm – really do it…. if we do that then naturally Samadhi will take place much quicker – that’s what it means – not to waste a moment! The popular name of Sri Chaitanya when he was young was Nimai because He was born under a neem tree and his mother affectionately called him Nimai thinking that neem trees are considered auspicious… they have antiseptic qualities and they also drive out evil influences. So she thought if I call him Nimai then He will be protected from negative influences so this is nice… His mother was blessing Him with that name. Really a lot of love in giving Him that name, not just any name, it was a name given out of love. Then He was given an official name and the official name was Vishvambar – the maintainer of the entire universe. So then He said if my name is Vishvambar the maintainer of the entire universe, then it is My duty to come down into this material world and to give every one Love of God otherwise how can I truly be called the maintainer of the entire universe. This is a very interesting statement because it is not just maintaining ….we might not have thought of it that way. Maintainer of the entire universe brings thoughts to the mind of please give us our daily bread and you know and all that. That sounds like maintenance – so thinking of Krishna as the maintainer as the provider, ok the daily bread, the shelter, the clothes, the needs. But Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took it to another totally different level and said no real maintaining means : Love of God – means total ecstasy, that is maintaining and unless I am bringing people to the point of total ecstasy I am not really maintaining them in other words -that is actually the normal level and anything below Love of God and below ecstasy is the subnormal level. So I’m afraid that many of us are subnormal, subnormal creatures. We have not yet reached the common normal platform somewhere not full blossoming human beings, we are like shadow creatures from the shadow regions. We actually have not come to the full colour to our natural full potential – this is the case. So Samadhi means that – full potential, that we are taking full advantage of each moment.

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