HH KKS: So to come to the point where one is always engaged in devotional service to Krishna where one is always remembering Krishna , never forgetting Krishna – to come to that point requires to follow a steady process in devotional service , first before one attains that state of being absorbed and the state of Samadhi of being totally absorbed in the service of the lord , one must become fixed in regulation and serve Krishna in a regulated way therefore we are required to chant a certain a certain quota of rounds and not only are we chanting in a regular fashion but we are also accepting responsibly for the deities according to the pancha ritiki worship – within deity worship many things are prescribed one cannot just do what he likes ,so our lives centres around very much around deity worship like now we are in the temple and in the temple room there are so many things – one must bow down when he enters the temple room, one must take his shoes off , there are many things that one can and cannot do in front of the deity and its all prescribed behaviour in the temple one should not have arguments in front of the deity , one should not be angry in front of the deity, one should not cry in front of deity about his sadness in this world one should simply focus on the deity , so there all these directives for being fixed on Krishna. So through a regulated process we are becoming fixed on Krishna, and within that regulated process actually, absorption in Krishna is happening , so it is certainly not so that we are independent rather we realise more and more how much we depend on a process, it is not that we independently on the strength of realisation manage to make that connection with Krishna that we always remember him and never forget him, but rather it means to become absorbed in the process of regulated activity and to make it our second nature.

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