1“How one becomes expert: By reading Srila prabhupada’s books, by assimilating these books, if you read them and assimilate them, discuss them with devotees, apply them: then you will be full of topics to talk about and you will be wanting to talk about them and you will see the need to talk to devotees and non devotees for your benefit and their benefit”

2“When we have a principle that we are determined to follow because it is our duty we shouldn’t compromise, we shouldn’t budge from the order of the spiritual master”

3“Everyone is compromising with everyone to be popular, to be liked or accepted, you will be respected more if you stick to your guns if you are actually sticking on Krishna’s side”

4“As much as possible one should avoid an argumentative attitude, it is unattractive, it is obnoxious”

5“As we come to the mode of goodness, then we become very soft and very pleasing , that is the symptom of a person whose speech is in the mode of goodness, his speech is pleasing to others. If you look in the discussion of the modes of material nature, you will find one of the characteristics of a person in the modes of passion and ignorance is that they are expert in insulting others, they have made this art…. in modern materialistic society what is called the artful putdown, you find a real sharp way to criticise the other person …and the audience appreciates how you got them.. how you insulted them in a very swarve or sohphisticated way, or a very clever way, And if he can insult you back then tooshay: everyone is pleased with that. But this is animal society, this is animal society, as soon as we meet I insult you and you insult me”

6“Don’t budge even a fraction of an inch from the determination of devotional service”

7“Develop loving relationships with devotees”

Quotes from HH JAS at a Seminar in 2000

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