When we live with these vows in Krsna consciousness, these vows are in the centre of our spiritual life. They are like a central pole which is fixed there and we walk around around these vows and we sort of always lean on these vows; it’s sort of home base that we return to. And we have to do something to uphold these vows; this is our system. For that we have a relationship with a spiritual master who gives us enthusiasm, who gives us example, who gives us advice, he protects us…for that we have devotees, temples, prasadam…we have soooo many things! We have a vision, we have a goal- devotees have to go back to Godhead. We must keep in mind; whatever we have in mind, all right, have a nice time- but let’s go back to Godhead…

(HH KKS, Phoenix, SA, ’07)

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