…Anyway, so it shows how Krsna is nice, how Krsna is very nice. So in this way, the residents of Vrndavana spent their time to enter into the pastimes of Krsna. It’s difficult for the passionate mind, to take the time to sit down and hear about Krsna: ‘He’s not gonna tell the Putana story again! Oh, no! God! Everybody knows that one! We’ve heard it a million times! Oh Putana again! Here we go…’ Yes, I know the restless mind, the passionate mind, is thinking like that, I know that, ‘(Indian accent) Yes, yes swamiji, we know all these things, we know all these stories, we know them very well! Yes, yes, yes…so nice that you are telling these old stories…’ no, they’re not old stories- you have old ears! It’s not that the stories are old, your ears are old and stuffed up, because the stories are fresh and full of little details- it’s about the detail where the juice is, and that we realise how kind Krsna is. Krsna actually gave that witch the position of a mother in the spiritual world. He purified her a little bit- yes, that He did. So it shows Krsna’s kindness and that is the most important point in the whole story- Krsna kindness.
(HH KKS, Melbourne, Feb 2009)

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