HH KKS in Mayapur: We have to see this as the ocean of transcendental sound vibration flooding the whole universe. It is beginning from here from Mayapur and oneday it will be everywhere like that that …neighbours will just hear each other’s kirtan and lectures and everyone is relishing, it is very sweet actually.
The main point is that we have to be happy in devotional service…. One point is that we have to learn to be happy with what we have …….It’s like a symptom of the mode of passion that one is influenced by the desire to always have more and therefore one does not look at what he has but rather looks at what he wants to get. One example I could give since we were talking about prasadam I will stay with that example of prasadam.: You have a plate with all kind of preps on it and they are serving it out …so you are getting the rice but you are not getting the cheese sabji…so you have your hand in the rice and you are kind of like hungry so you already take a few bites of rice… ‘cheese sabji, sabji sabji’ and then ok you don’t get the puris and…also you have the sabji and the rice…… ‘puris puris pakoras..pakoras’ and like this each preparation you are always thinking of the next …and when you do get the sweet rice you are thinking of the goolabs and like this…by the end you have eaten the whole meal and virtually not tasted anything because all along you were meditating on what was coming…………Not like Prabhupada who would sit down and eat very little but …very concentrated…really tasting everything with great attention, honouring prasdam. So Prabhupada also said that everything is Prasadam, we should see that this whole movement is Prasadam, it’s a whole movement and it’s all Prasadam. …..Everything is the Mercy of Krishna and we have to see it like that. In another words we …may take Darshan of the deities but meanwhile we may be thinking of something else …we may be thinking of something that is not right, something that’s disturbing the relationship…although it is all very nice, it is nice but we are not there, or we may be in a kirtana, but we are not there, so many times we are not there because in our minds we are preoccupied with so many other things, either things that have caused us distress, things we want and you name it.

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