HH KKS: ..so the materialist is simply wasting his time with pursuing sense gratification ..he’s not making any real progress…That is what Srila Prabhupada said in New York. He was imitating the big American cars .. “whoosh whoosh, they are moving at neck breaking speed but they are not making any progress” …that is material life so that can continue , that can continue for many many lives, many many lifetimes …..sanskrit……that the living being can sometime go upward in the universe and get a condition on the heavenly planet and sometime go downwards in the universe and then suffer …and this cycle can just repeat itself endlessly ….and sometimes someone is experiencing happiness and sometimes experiencing distress and this is basically the material cycle …then of course in Caitanya Caritamrita it is mentioned ….Bengali…..But while the living entity goes up and down in the universe …one or another may become fortunate …One jiva might become…sanskrit….may become fortunate and recieve the mercy of a Vaishnava. Upon receiving mercy of a Vaishnava and of Krishna one can receive the seed of devotional service and one’s spiritual life can begin. At that stage ..at that stage Krishna indeed begins to directly interfere in the life of the devotee…..prior to that we were simply under the arrangements of the material energy …but once taking shelter of devotional service to Krishna …………………….then Krishna Himself becomes involved in our life! ..(More in part4)

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