HH KKS: Sanskrit….it is describing Karma is stored within the heart, in the form of so many seeds which cause a particular inclanation. Many sinful seeds stored in the heart cause sinful inclination and again the tendency to perform sinful activities will be there …more sin..more reaction..and sometimes reactions fructify….
When we take up devotional service ..it has been stated …..then the fan is switched off and then the fan gradually slows down , still spinning even without electricity ….So when we become devotees..when we take up spiritual life we are no longer under the influence of karma directly but rather are getting diminished reactions for our previous sinful activities.
Srila Prabhupada in Bombay explained that a little further. Srila Prabhupada explained that not only are we getting diminished reactions but Krishna is personally monitoring these reactions and thus Krishna is personally involved with the devotee and Krishna may personally decide when to release certain reactions or if to release certain reactions and so on….so what was destined to happen on Friday the 17th 2008 may not happen…Krishna may scrap it altogether or Krishna may delay it and ..save it for another occasion ….and sometimes even…. Srila Visvanatha Cakravati in …Sanskrit….mentions that sometimes something happens for which there is no karmic seed at all!
Some times Krishna might send us something ..yes..of which we have no actual karma …thus a vaishnava will always see what ever happens is Krishna! Even although we may be facing the diminished karma of our reactions :we say it is Krishna….Sanskrit…… “I am the ultimate cause” .We always see Krishna behind everything. Thus we always are taking it: Krishna is dealing with me ….and thus a Vaishnava can accept : Krishna is dealing with everything! …(More in part5)

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