HH KKS: Thus we see in all our dealings how Krishna is personally, personally dealing with us in our life, how Krishna is there every moment, every single moment and making arrangements….this verse..this verse is about empowerment …it is a verse that describes how a devotee receives power from Krishna.
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura in ….his commentary on Caitanya Caritamrita describes how empowerment actually takes place and he says empowerment means that Krishna empowers the devotee with the Cit and Ananda shakti…or either the knowledge potency and the happiness potency . And as the devotee becomes more and more empowered these two qualities begin to manifest in him stronger and stronger and thus nothing, nothing can actually distract him , nothing can lead him in the wrong direction …a devotee who is surrendered to the Supreme Lord, it is mentioned is free from mistakes …This topic of mistakes in relation to the pure devotee came up several times in Srila Prabhupada’s company…Bhurijana Prabhu mentions one occasion on the beach when Srila Prabhupada was on the beach and …well.. Prabhupada pointed at an animal and said “Look a scorpion” …and every saw that it was a crab…..Can a Pure devotee make mistakes?…..He said scorpion… but it was a crab. So the topic of Prabhupada making mistakes or possibly making mistakes at one point became something that devotees began to think about …..and we find that at one point the devotees asked Srila Prabhupada directly if the pure devotee could ever make mistakes …and Prabhupada‘s answer was No….. No he never make s mistakes.
But what if he seen someone at a distance: someone with a beard and then think :it’s Hayagriva …that person comes closer and it is someone else , what if you make mistake and it is someone else? : Prabhupada said “That is material…that is material…that is material”
But a pure devotee never makes a mistakes because he is always under the direction of Krishna and thus he is always the instrument of Krishna , he is transparent to Krishna. (A Iskcon) Maharaja mentions to us: Prabhupada came down the staircase, when he was at the bottom of the stair case he made a little pirouhette and he said, “My Spiritual Master made me into a diamond.”
That analogy of the diamond was often used as the diamond is completely transparent, it doesn’t obstruct the light in any way…the light comes through completely…thus the pure devotee is the perfect instrument of Krishna……….
But more than being a transparent via media more than being simply a good conductor, more than being a good wire like through which the electricity could flow ..more than that …we see that Krishna also changes the capacity of the devotee as He likes…as Krishna likes and if Krishna so desires: anything becomes possible…….that is one principle….so if Krishna desires …we can do things that we could have never imagined that we could do….so with Krishna ..normal logic does not apply….We can see that in Prabhupada’s actions…… (More in part6)

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