There is tremendous opportunity to somehow or other engage people in devotional service …which is all auspicious and which will begin to create some attachment…once you have tasted some hot cauliflower pakoras you have to have them again…there is no way around it…! So in this way when we are connecting to some devotional service we have to do it again …and again and again and each time it becomes more addictive and it spreads …and we gradually begin to develop attachment to different aspects of Krishna…. not only the form of Krishna , the beautiful deity form , not only the melodious chanting of the Holy Name but also the litery incarnation of the Lord, Srimad Bhagavatam begins to appeal to us and gradually the Lord in all His aspects begins to appeal to us and we become more and more attached…and as we are becoming attached to serving Krishna in different ways ..this process …of…sanskrit……. of the attachment in our hearts is coming more dense, more and more impenetrable …that begins to happen and in this way gradually are entering deeper in to Krishna Consciousness. And as we are entering deeper into Krishna Consciousness our external,… our external contribution to Krishna can also increase…because the more internally we are fixed the more we will be able to really do something to partake in this inaundation of Love Of Godhead.

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