If we do it in the morning, we’re doing good. So many mornings we sleep too late and then oops- no morning left! Oh well I can still worship the Lord in the afternoon and in the evening! No! Morning- morning very important!
‘Brrr! Tired, sick! Not well! Went to bed late- no…’
‘ Nooo…’
‘No. Impossible…’
A fool’s dictionary! Get up!
‘Why are you so mean?’
I’m not mean, I am merciful… says the intelligence to the mind, which is arguing every morning. So in this way one must strengthen the intelligence and control the mind, and to enter into an argument with the mind, ‘No mind! If I listen to you, what would I become! I will go down, I will go down! Because now I will neglect the morning practice and when I don’t practice in the morning, I won’t do it in the afternoon as well and maybe I’ll sleep till noon. And then what? Then I’ll miss the morning and the noon and then only the evening is left!’ And then what do you do at night? (Dramatic) ‘Ta da…it’s a Saturday night and ain’t got nobody!’ then what…?
‘One stitch in time saves nine’, so a stitch in the morning, it’s like by having a good morning we are sort of getting on top of the day. But if we don’t have the morning then there is a good chance that the day will get on top of us…
(HH KKS, Melbourne, Feb 2009)

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