HH KKS: We have seen, we have seen how many devotees have fell down in Iskcon. So many leaders fell down in Iskcon …sanyassis fell down ….of course when a sanyassi falls down ..he falls down with a very loud noise, when he falls there is a big noise …a lot of noise . When a brahmacari falls down there is also noise and for the grhasta there can be the silent fall down …right…the silent fall down by not following the regulative priciniples in his own ashram. When the doors are closed and the curtains are closed..who will know?! How will anybody know apart from the morose face of that devotee.
So fall down happens on all kinds of levels of spiritual advancement, in all kinds of ashrams and it is a big question: whenever it happens …how could it happen …and questions arise, if it could happen to him then what about me? If the great powerful horses became swept away by the waves of the river then what is the hope of the little skinny ones like us?!…right…….the light weight horse….if the big powerful horses did not make it then what can a light weight horse hope for?! …if even the great fell down then what about us…what is the hope? Should we give up?
Such thoughts come and people do give up actually….we see when a great devotee falls down many people whose faith depended on him immediately give up: “Oh well if he couldn’t make it then forget it…there is no hope for me”
So all these kind of sentiments come up …so that is one thing . another thing is when a devotee falls down and especially a mature devotee falls down ..we have to look at the mistake …what did he do wrong? What was the mistake? And therefore it is important that we aware of all these causes and we are naming some today : We are naming: *Neglect as the example of Bharata Maharaja , *Offences, We‘ve named *Atyahara(collecting more than required and begin to *enjoy the material facilities and also one that come on their own accord *in the cause of devotional service , *over endeavour at the neglect of either our spiritual practices or either our preaching.
*If we neglect our preaching and are all day into sadhana then after some time that sadhana will become dry……(More in part8)

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