HH KKS: ..So from that perspective looking again at the question whether Bharata Maharaja should have pulled the deer out or not….we can see that it doesn’t really matter..!…because even in a position of entanglement, in looking after the deer if devotional service would have been his main preoccupation ….then even those material duties of caring of a deer, of protecting a deer, if he would have done it to a proper level, that meant not overly protecting the deer…but doing the minimum necessary, keeping the deer alive since it is somehow or other by fate came on his path…like: “Well the Supreme Lord has sent me this deer..what to do…alright I will keep it alive and I will give it as much prsasdam as I can and ..you know…throw some maha water at it at times…whusshh…and for the rest…. I have my own engagement”
So he could have certainly taken it like that , without any difficulty and not at all have been entangled by it…because yukta vairagya.. verses phalgyu Vairagya is to be looked at ,in this regards….and yukta vairagya ..sanskrit……that simply if we engage everything in the service of Krishna then there is no danger…no danger at all of becoming entangled in the material world. So phalgyu vairagya or the renunctiation compared to the phalguna river, the river which flows underground …which means that underground still our material desires remain …although externally so renounced …because renunctiation is the focus..in phalgyu vairagya renunctiation is the focus but in yukta vairagya: service to Krishna is the focus…so that is the first point …service to Krishna is our focus…..and then additionally we keep ourselves in simple conditions just so that we will not unnecessarily be distracted from devotional service and therefore it is not our business to keep pets or all these things or to unnnecccarily get dependants….rather simply serve Krishna. Even ladies if they don’t have a child and are therefore inclined to have a pet or if they have so much motherly love that it is still not satisfied with tweleve children and if on top of that they still want pets as well to express there motherly affection even further, it is better… if they transfer that to worshipping the Deity. Better if that motherly affection is transferred to Krishna and if simply we take care of the Deity of Krishna …that is better than keeping any pets.
Krishna might have kept pets ..but that was Krishna …Krishna could do so …He is the Supreme Lord and He can never ever become entangled by the material energy. Krishna can not be attracted by the material energy. Krishna can only be attracted by the internal energy …….but the living being due to being…sanskrit…can actually be attracted by the material energy and therefore never ever for a moment must we think that we are above the material energy.
So this particular chapter deals with the theme of Falldown in spiritual life and there are various factors that could lead to fall down ….and in the case of Bharata Maharaja …we see that neglect is the cause of fall down. So we should understand potentially fall down is a reality for a living entity even up to the platform of Bhava ..it is stated…so that is to be remembered and therefore we should always safe guard.
We see that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu instructed Srila Rupa Goswami to carefully fence the Bhakti creeper. He said we must water this Bhakti creeper with hearing and chanting and fence it very carefully……… Look after it very carefully! (More in part6)

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