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Thank you very much Maharaja. One point you mentioned about ..(Sanskrit) ..over endeveouring and going to much involved in services and neglecting our own sadhana in the name of enthusiasm and make our Krishna consciousness dry…now for brahmacaris also there is this point of surrender ..a brahmacari might have some taste in some service ..he may know that he is enriched by a particular aspect of service, some services, but because he has his own conception that I have to just do what the authorities say and theoretically knowing that this surrender or this service attitude will hep him he pushes himself but within he is holding grudges ..might be struggling with his own mind so how does the devotee deal with that situation, he wants to surrender but he has his own struggles?
HH KKS: Uh huh, Yes we want to surrender and yet internally there is resistance and we may not want that but it is still there. So some wheere along the line we must certainly stretch , stretch our surrender ..just like physical exercise. If you never do any exercise then from one day to the next you have to touch your toes and you can not do it anymore .. become stiff..then you can not in one day touch the toes …you have to practice it by stretching…gradually stretching the mucscles ….by exercising a little and a little ……..it is in the same way in surrender……it is not a matter of sentiment …. “I want to surrender” yes very nice ….and even the authorities may sometimes not be able to judge us hundred percent and they might ask us to surrender to something which really is very very difficult for us …very difficult …and we may want to do it but we may be feeling so disturbed ………so if we find that we are surrendering to an authority and in the cause of it we are sincerely trying but we become disturbed…then it is time to go back to the authority and explain our predicament and our problem: “ I really am trying to do as you say but I am getting more and more disturbed “…..so any authority must know at that time that “Now I must be careful and maybe I need to adjust my instruction.”
This is one important point that is sometimes overlooked ….Yes we must surrender to the instruction of the authorities but maybe these instructions need to be adjusted many times, there may be need to be some fine tuning on the way.
So during the process we may have to adjust it …just like shoes …you put on a few varieties of shoes until they fit because you may go to the shop and they say eight is your size …but sometimes they cut them a little narrow …sometimes they cut them a little wide …and it depends on your foot …which one exactly is the right one …so some fine tuning is required also…..so therefore ultimately between authorities ..between seniors and juniors their should be (Sanskrit)…firm friendship ….and especially that is the duty of the senior. The senior has to be so kind, so gentle, so accommodating …so understanding and yet…not compromising the standards but still be ready to see this person ..can not fully make it yet..doesn’t mater ..we will temporarily make some adjustment …a temporary, progress a little slower, put a few steps in between if need be ……………..
I come on a point that I made in Mayapur recently .the senior must conquer the heart, he must conquer the heart of his dependants, it’s the only way it will ever work…..otherwise it will never work! Otherwise the dependant will not open his heart, he’ll think of being laughed at, there is no welcoming atmosphere to reveal your weakness… “If I am surrounded by devotees who are all acting as if they are super devotees as if they do not have any doubt……I will also not speak of any of my doubts”…so it is not a favourable atmosphere…so we have to be very kind, honest…. Seniors have to be considerate, go out of their way for their dependants ….therefore to be a counsellor is a huge responsibility , to be responsible for others spiritual life requires that we really give our self …….not a casual thing …Big thing!
So to be an authority is a big responsibility which at many time our authorities in Iskcon have not been able to fill in properly and as a result lot of injustice was done to devotees. So if we get a position of authority we really have to become a shelter …we should realise … “I should have to be a shelter of these devotees” then all these problems will be taken care of …..(More in part 11)

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