HH KKS: In the seventies there was a ten year old boy who got a lot of recognition for a poem that he wrote and a famous musician took it , it was international news and the poem was called …thick as a brick ….right…it was just describing the consciousness of modern people..thick as a brick ….you can’t get through …no matter what you say ….it doesn’t get through….this is a fact. Also Sarvabhauma Bhatta Acharya meeting with Sri Chaitanya Maharaprabhu after Mahaprabhu finally convinced him about devotional service then Sarvabhauma Bhatta Acharya said: …..by studying the scripture of logic my brain has become dull ..so I like this very much …because he says dull like an iron bar….I like it because generally we think that by logic the brain becomes sharp …nowadays everyone is doing these sudoco puzzles, they’re doing puzzles to sharpen up the brain with numbers and different games …to just sharpen the intelligence …you can buy books with intelligence tests …and you see people playing around in the hope to increase their IQ somehow or other because intelligence is very important to us nowadays. So how is it that Sarvabhauma Bhatta Acharya was saying that he had become dull?!

I will illustrate it again by telling a story about Srila Prabhupada….that when Srila Prabhupada was in London …in London there is a club which is known as the Mensa club. This Mensa club is a special club because you have to have a IQ of 148 to be a member which is impressive..it’s unusual..it’s in the high ranking numbers …it’s rare …there are some people who go way beyond ….that absolutely counting as geniuss. So Prabhupada was invited there as a guest of honour and he was well received by one of the prominent members ..a barrister..and as they sat down Prabhupada began to explain a little bit, on the request of his host, about his philosophy and Prabhupada explained, based on a verse from the Bhagavatam …(Sanskrit)…he pointed out that one should not pour the water on the leaves but one should pour the water on the root …and he spoke a little while on that point and then at the end the man in London said (Maharaja puts on a very posh accent!!): “Well Swamiji I beg to differ, really rather one could pour water on leaves and make a delicious beverage called tea” (Maharaja Laughs)…that was like pretty dumb! ..and then the man kept on arguing in the same way all through out the conversation ..while Prabhupada was speaking about the sun and that on one side there was the light side and the other side the shadow side and the man said “Actually I beg to differ because the sun has light on all sides and has no shadow …and that it is only on the perspective of the observer.” And Prabhupada said “Exactly …that’s what I meant.”
And so on and so on the man was arguing but there was very poor communication to say the least ….well at the end of the conversation the man said “Well Swamiji , thank you so much, thank you so much for being our guests I very much enjoyed the debate” and then he said there is just one more thing, “You know …we would like to invite you to do our test..you know..our test.”
And Prabhupada said “Eh? test what kind of test is that “
The man said… “an intelligence test” and Prabhupada said “Intelligence? Intelligence? Not very important”
The man was shocked! For the first time in his life he had no answer! And before he could say anything Prabhupada said … “We have our own test.”
“You have your own test?! What test is that?!”
Prabhupada said, “We have a test to see how God conscious someone is!” ….and then he left.!!!

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