HH KKS: …and before he could say anything Prabhupada said … “We have our own test.”
“You have your own test?! What test is that?!”
Prabhupada said, “We have a test to see how God conscious someone is!” ….and then he left.!!! that was it …so here Prabhupada showed that the so called intelligence that we hold in such high esteem is no intelligence at all …thus the man was very dull because spiritual knowledge could not penetrate in his dull intelligence.
In the same way Sarvabhauma Bhaatta Achraya was so learned but all his learning had made him dull …it had simply became a wall and spiritual knowledge could not enter …in the same way we have our walls ..our preconceived ideas that are drilled into our heads by what Prabhupada called the slaughterhouses of education and we have all kinds of misconceptions that are in there due to false…false information. Prabhupada pointed out that it is difficult, it is difficult for one who has learned in the wrong way to teach him the right thing …story of someone who knew music already.. had to pay twice as much to a music school than one who had no previous experience of music …Why? Because of all the wrong things you have learned, it’s going to take longer to teach you properly ………………..yeah so that is our case ..we have learned so much wrong! But anyway Krishna will help us, Krishna will somehow or other lift us above our limitations. ….Krishna can empower us. So in the conditioned state we are disempowered in the terms of knowledge and we are disempowered in terms of happiness…our current ability of happiness has also been reduced in the material world …(Maharaja sings:) “I,m in Lurrrve!!”…..Yeah but how deep is it …right…very shallow. The deepest feelings about which poetry is written about in this world are quite shallow, out of sight out of mind …so on…we are seeing that Srimati Radharani is stating that: “I have no love for Krishna at all …the very fact that I am still living now that He has left is proof of that….I have no love for Him what so ever”…………….such an uncompromised standard of love and of course in the Vidakta Madhava we find that also further described where Srimati Radharani is attached to…due to previous experience to a person named Krishna …and then her friend Visakha tries to console Her while they are in the forest, and thus Visakha who is a good artist draws a picture of Krishna with the idea that well in this way I will take Her mind off the separation and She can sort of look at the picture….But what happens is as soon as Visakha has drawn a picture of Krishna.. Radharani gets hopelessly attached to that picture of Krishna but no less attached to the Person whose name is Krishna…so now She is attached to two Persons …and it’s only worse …and just then , just then there is a certain person who plays His flute and that flute is completely capturing Her mind and finally She has become attached to three Persons simultaneously : to the person whose name is Krishna , to the form of Krishna and that flute player: Krishna and thus…simultaneously attached to three Persons and she says “therfore I am verily condemned and better I give up my life”
So just an illustration of the depth of Srimati Radhrani’s love . What love do we have in this world that compares….Nothing! Quick, shallow quick lust stories that wear out fast with time ….very fast . so dull! We have become dull . our capacity to experience emotions has also become lost thus when we enter into discussion of spiritual subject matter while we are still in the conditioned state then we can theoretically understand but we do not have the spiritual depth to actually capture the emotions. When we speak of the depth of the love of Srimati Radharani we can not fully understand because we only know these shallow little feelings thatc we have in our own steel framed hearts . Anyway as the devotee becomes empowered the devotee can capture Krishna …that is the interesting part. So Krishna if He desires can make the devotee do things that would otherwise never be in our power…but a devotee can also make Krishna do things that Krishna would have never done simply because of the devotee’s desire.
Srila Prabhupada gives another explanation: he speaks about the pastime of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlada, and Hiranyakashipu performed all this austerity and then asked for the benediction to not to be killed by any weopan, not killed by any animal, not to be killed by man , not to be killed inside outside or, not in the day not in the night …and not in the land, not in the air ..not on the water and so on and so on ….right…huge list of conditions …..sanskrit…..When the saintly persons say…Prabhupada said ..then the Lord uphold s it . so Brahma said and so the Lord upheld it and the Lord appeared as Nrshimadeva and so on ……and Prabhupada continues and says that thus when the devotee says chant 16 rounds follow 4 regulative principles and Go back to Godhead…then you must go ….he says like that in that lecture….then you must go!
So just see…ordinarily you would not go but when the devotee says you must go ……..this is an example of how Krishna sometimes can because of a devotee’s surrender can empower that devotee to do things that ordinarily would not be possible ….but Krishna will uphold his word and make it possible …in this way…sanskrit….empowerment where Krishna carries what we lack, preserves what we have ……..is something that extends our capacity beyond our own personal limitations…..it may even extend the mercy of Krishna beyond His own inclination : if the mercy of the devotee is greater than the mercy of Krishna ..then that devotee has the power to make Krishna extend His mercy further. So in this way the devotees , the devotees are simply playing with Krishna and their entire life is an exchange with Krishna and their aim is to somehow or other bring Krishna closer, to make Krishna appear , to force Krishna to be present!!!

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