HH KKS: One Mayavadi was there in a particular public program and there were different speakers and Prabhupada was one of them. And then this Mayavadi, he came and he wanted to give Prabhupada some brochures and he gave an entire box with brochures, fill with Mayavada philosophy. Prabhupada told the devotees, “Yes, yes, please keep this. Accept it.” So they kept it then after some time, some weeks later, Prabhupada said, “Do we still have that box with those brochures?” they said, “Yes we do.” Prabhupada said, “Okay, please bring the box.” It was a Sunday programme and then Prabhupada told the devotees, “Okay, please give everyone one of the brochures. Then Prabhupada asked all the guests to open up the brochures and place them on the floor in front of them and next he told all the devotees to serve prasadam and use those brochures as plates. Just see how expertly Srila Prabhupada was even engaging mayavadis and their brochures in Krsna service.

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