(SB 6.13.11) given on 3rd March 2009 by:
HH KKS at Bhaktivedanta Manor

Text: tayendrah smasahat tapam…

• Indra had to live an incredibly pious and sinless life to attain his position => he is so exalted (unlike us who are very sinful)
• Sinful acts are stored in the heart (tadatmanam)
• Goodness – demigods always looking for authorized way to act
• Passion – earth planet – always consider prescribed duties a drag

Four varnas:
1. sudra – inclined to sinful activity => not allowed to read scriptures
2. vaisyas – inclined to pious activity, but when there is a choice between profit and dharma they will go for the profit (what to do? Money is the honey!)
3. ksatriya
– inclined to pious activity but sometimes passion gets the better of him and he disregards dharma in these situations.
– His determination is based on willpower
4. brahmana
– determination based on knowledge

• yasye laksanam prokta – no living being is to be judged by their body

• the marble in Rajasthan can be used for:
1. building a temple for the Lord’s satisfaction, or
2. building a palace for a King’s sense-gratification

• In previous times luxuries for reserved for the royalty, but now everyone has luxuries

• We have become proud of this opulence, so when we hear Krishna say “man-mana bhava mad-bhakto… – bow down before Me!” we feel too proud to do so. For me it was a big thing to bow down before the Deities for the first time, I was so proud!
• There should be no compromise on the rules and regulations of devotional service
• Regardless of the situation you are in, whether brahmacari or grhastha e.g. we can have sense-gratification (for example taking prasadam for the tongue) but within the rules of devotional service – but if sense-gratification takes one in the direction of disobeying the rules and regulative principles, then this should be stopped immediately e.g. we cannot regulate illicit sex – it has to be stopped.
• We can only be compassionate when we are experiencing spiritual happiness – I know when we go out on sankirtana and I’m really struggling in my spiritual life, what can I preach? People can immediately see my miserable face, and when they reject me, I get even more dejected.
• Prabhupada wanted us to be premamrtambho-nidhi – merged in the nectarean ocean of love for Krishna.

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