Initiations on 16th March by HH KKS
There will be more pictures and footage coming on the Blog
regarding this Initiation ceremony and the Initiation lecture!

Sutapa Prabhu received his second initiation. Sutapa Prabhu (above)is a very devoted sankirtana devotee of Iskon Watford. He is an inspiration to devotees in the temple, congregation and devotees all around UK! He distributes hundreds of Prabhupada books every week!! His well wishers were all happy to see him receive brahmana initiation.

Krishna Kirtana Prabhu (above)received Hari Nama initiation. HH KKS said that because Prabhu is so fond of Kirtana and even has mrdanga shaped chanting beads he should be named “Krishna Kirtana Das.” Devotees were delighted to see him receive initiation. Krishna Kirtana Prabhu is a dedicated devotee who’s enthusiasm is contagious! He works also as a dentist and reads the Blog between treating his patients!!!

(Godbrother of HH KKS)Annirudda Prabhu is very happy after performing a successfull ceremony!

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