Srimad Bhagavatam 3.24.16
vedaham adyam purusam avatirnam sva-mayaya
bhutanam sevadhim deham bibhranam kapilam mune

O Kardama, I know that the original Supreme Personality of
Godhead has now appeared as an incarnation by His internal energy. He is the
bestower of all desired by the living entities, and He has now assumed the
body of Kapila Muni.

In this verse we find the words purusam avatirnam sva-mayaya. The
Supreme Personality of Godhead is everlastingly, eternally the form of
purusa, the predominator or enjoyer, and when He appears He never accepts
anything of this material energy. The spiritual world is a manifestation of
His personal, internal potency, whereas the material world is a
manifestation of His material, or differentiated, energy. The word
sva-mayaya, “by His own internal potency,” indicates that whenever the
Supreme Personality of Godhead descends, He comes in His own energy. He may
assume the body of a human being, but that body is not material. In
Bhagavad-gita, therefore, it is clearly stated that only fools and rascals,
mudhas, consider the body of Krsna to be the body of a common human being.
The word sevadhim means that He is the original bestower of all the
necessities of life upon the living entities. In the Vedas also it is stated
that He is the chief living entity and that He bestows all the desired
necessities of other living entities. Because He is the bestower of the
necessities of all others, He is called God. The Supreme is also a living
entity; He is not impersonal. As we are individual, the Supreme Personality
of Godhead is also individual — but He is the supreme individual. That is
the difference between God and the ordinary living entities.

HH KKS: Kapiladev or all the various avataras of Supreme
Personality of Godhead appear in their original, in their original internal

avajananti mam mudha manusim tanum asritam (Bg 9.11)

Those who think that Krishna has taken a human form, they are under the
influence of the illusory energy and are mudhas, they are less intelligent,
asses. Krishna is always the Supreme Lord and when Krishna appears in human
form it is His unlimited mercy. Krishna somehow or other appears in his
original human form and in that form Krishna is most close to us.

Srila Prabhupada was giving a description of second world war and how during
that time his wife had cooked for him his favorite prep namely kachoris and
he was taking them and the siren went off for the bomb alarms for the second
world war and everyone was supposed to go to shelter now. “How can I just
leave theses kachoris.” !!

I guess it wasn’t entirely just the desire to enjoy the kachoris but it was
maha prasadam so how could it be disrespected or dishonored also. That
element must be there. And Srila Prabhupada or Abhaya did not go to the bomb
shelter but stayed and continued to take his kachoris and he saw the bombs.
He saw how the bombs were falling from the sky and blowing up various
buildings and so on. So he saw how the bombs were blowing up various
buildings and it made a deep impression upon him because over the years it
would come back some examples in relation to the bombs and Prabhupada was
saying these bombs that were exploding were so destructive ………that was also

That was also Krishna but that was like Krishna’s universal form. He
compared it to Krishna’s universal form, which is described in the 11th
chapter of the Bhagavad-gita where Arjuna saw all the heros of the
battlefield disappearing into the unlimited mouth of the enormous universal
form. ….Prabhupada talking about this bombing in Calcutta said, “Yes
this is also the universal form. It is also a feature of Krishna but it is
not a lovable feature of Krishna. It is not the lovable form of Krishna. And
that is the situation.

When we are dealing with the enormous, unlimited, great universal form how
can we relate to it. It is too big. Just like an example could be how we
could have a relationship with an ant? Imagine we would have a pet, a pet
ant! It would be difficult. Which one is it….?! not sure, if we try to pick him
up we may break his leg. Our little favorite ant, too small to have a real

So when the Supreme Lord is unlimitedly great in the all-pervading universal
form how can we relate to that form of the Lord? Very difficult! We are
simply overcome by fear by sense of awe by reverence and we feel remote. But
when Krishna in his unlimited wisdom, in His unlimited kindness and in His
unlimited insight the Supreme Lord has a human form, a form which is very
close to our form and which makes Him unlimitedly accessible, so much
accessible and when the Lord descends to this world then His pastimes are of
such a nature that they are very human and thus the Lord in His activities
brings out all the human sentiments.

When little Krishna starts to carry the shoes of his father to his head,
Nanda Maharaja’s heart melts completely. So small, that he is carrying those
shoes on his head. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is cute. Cute is a word
which is somewhat belittling, it is a word which, sort of cute its befitting
for a helpless person. A small helpless child!

But although Krishna was very small, although He even took a form of a baby
He was not helpless. Although Putana mistakenly thought so and approached
Him with poison on the breast and ready to poison the child, because that
was her favorite activity, and somehow or other when Putana glanced up on
the child just before she was about to give Him the breast just then she
thought this child is so powerful He could destroy the entire universe.
Correct, she was right for a little moment the veil of illusion which
covered her consciousness was lifted but then due to her false ego she
herself put that veil of illusion back down and said, “No, no rubbish, He is
just a child I will kill Him now.” Instead of accepting this she tried and
then she experienced…. she experienced how Krishna had no problems taking
care of that poison and how He drank the poison not affected by it, because
He was the Supreme Lord……(More in part2)

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