HH KKS: Not only is Supreme Lord all-powerful, but also the Supreme Lord is all
merciful. Thus He also accepted the offering of milk and actually gave it
more importance. Although He first punished Putana a little bit. In the
commentary of Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur that pastime of Putana is very
nicely described. There is described how Krishna when He started to, He
sucked the poison and then He sucked the milk and then He also sucked the
life air and that was very painful to Putana. And at the same time Krishna
with His little hands was also holding the breast of Putana and squeezing
very hard.

So it was so painful she was trying to pull the child off the breast but she
couldn’t. And He was holding on, the pain was excruciating. So she tried to
run away but Krishna kept hanging on and as she was running she couldn’t
maintain the false illusory form of the beautiful lady and returned to her
original raksasa form which was twenty kilometers long and it’s said she ran
out of the house not breaking Nanda Maharaja’s house and she ran. Krishna
kept hanging and squeezed very hard and then just on the edge of Vrindavana
she left her body and the body just fell over and crashed to the ground on
Kamsa’s favorite fruit orchard crashing all the trees!!

So it’s like this. It’s very nice the way Putana was killed and then Krishna
accepted her as nurse in the spiritual world because she offered the milk.
So he gave her eternal position as one of his mothers because Krishna has so
many mothers. And that is Supreme Lord. Kind way beyond what we the living
entity deserves. Extending Himself not only

ye yatha mam prapadyante tams tathaiva bhajamy aham (Bg 4.11)

Or that He is rewarding us according to our surrender. Not only that He goes
far beyond and that makes Him the amazing Supreme Lord that captures our
hearts. That inconceivable generosity, that kindness that we find in the
Supreme Lord in all His incarnations! In all the incarnations the Lord is
displaying this kindness of being kind beyond what the living being
deserves. So how can we not melt in front of such a Lord? How we can’t melt
in front of that Supreme Lord who is just so kind and who is mixing His
human like activities with supernatural activities in such an intricate way
that just as when you start to think He is an ordinary personality then He
lifts a hill or just when you think that He is finished and Kaliya is
strangling Krishna and it looks like it’s over…. everyone is convinced that
this is the end. Mother Yasoda has to be held back and then just then He
frees Himself and dances on the hoods of that snake!!!

So in this way He interchanges His human activities with His transcendental
activities as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And that never fails to
surprise a devotee. Thus never is there a moment that Krishna becomes
predictable. Everyone else become very predictable after a while.
You know somebody you know their nature, you know their strength, you know their
weaknesses, you know what you can expect and yes they do it again and again
and sort of within character. Not surprising, yes I knew he had this type of
mood ….we develop in relation to anyone and everyone.

But Krishna, Krishna again and again eternally actually astounds His
devotees. Astounds His devotees completely and that is why the pastimes of
Krishna are never boring. That is amazing…..(More in part3)

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