HH KKS -Braja Parikrama- Prema Sarova: This Prema Sarova has come about due to separation.  It is said that Radharani even while being in the presence of Krishna is experiencing separation because she becomes so overwhelmed by her emotions that she does not even realize Krishna is there ….  So it is said that once here, a meeting took place and at that time a bumble came and that bumble bee circumbulated the  Divine Couple …it is said that Madhu Mangala was there and chased that bumble bee away and then said “Madhusudhana is gone” and as soon as Srimati Radharani heard “Madhusudhana” ..she thought “Krishna Madhusudhana is gone” although Madhumangala meant the: Bumble bee Madhusudhana.  And due to that separation She cried and that caused a stream of tears which made Krishna cry which also caused a stream of tears and that caused..Prema Sarova. So Prema Sarova deals mainly with the intricacy of Seperation.

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