What does Lord Caitanya mean to me? (From the notes of HH Kadamba Kanana Swami Maharaja)
  • I’m seeing Lord Caitanya as invisibly always there- at least I’m thinking of Him like that. When I think of a verse in the Caitanya Caritamrta, which is katahncana smrte yasmin duskaram sukuram bhavet, that by the mercy of Lord Caitanya, difficult things become easy; that I am concluding that Lord Caitanya is there to block out difficulties.
  • (Story of Ajamila): the description is not as graphic as what you might see today; today you might see things that are a lot worse than what Ajamila saw and we are generally not as qualified as Ajamila. So Srila Prabhupada is addressing this point and he is saying then, what is the chance of the modern man? But it is because Lord Caitanya is there that things are going on and somehow or other that we can do what Ajamila couldn’t do. Lord Caitanya is sort of blocking all the attacks of Maya; He gets in between all the time and we are walking around thinking, ‘I’m getting pretty advanced! I’m really quite a great devotee now!’ Lord Caitanya saves us again and again. He saves us all the time. He’s personal, He’s very much with us, He’s very active in our life.
  • He is so terribly generous; He couldn’t serve prasadam for less than 3-5 people. Even if there was one, He’s got enough for three because His hand cannot serve less, He cannot do it, He has to give more, it’s just His nature to be overwhelmingly generous.
  • That generosity extends beyond giving things because giving things is not completely generous. In the end generosity means giving everything- giving yourself. So Lord Caitanya especially gives Himself to His devotee- very much so. Krsna also, but Lord Caitanya much more! Still much more easily available to His devotee.
  • Therefore Lord Caitanya is very much present in our life- very much so. One has to meditate on the mercy of Lord Caitanya.
An open invitation:
sri-krsna-caitanya-daya karaha vicara
vicara karate cite pabe camatkara
If you are meditating on the mercy of Lord Caitanya then in your heart, you will find it to be wonderful and you will be amazed.

It’s the key to understand Lord Caitanya, in approaching Lord Caitanya. How to approach Lord Caitanya? Think about His mercy! That is what Krsnadas Kaviraja Gosvami says. Understand how Lord Caitanya is more and merciful, and think about it, meditate, and the more you do, the more amazed one becomes in the heart. The more the heart becomes involved, then spiritual life becomes very easy. To do something and if the heart is not into it is called DUTY and duty is such a thing…in this age especially, we don’t like duty. So the heart must be into it. It’s the key to be a devotee of Lord Caitanya…

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