HH KKS: We should perform our service with love but we are not able. Is it within our reach to love Krishna? Or is it granted by Krishna? It is always granted by Krishna….it is a gift from Krishna and it depends on Krishna’s mercy. The mercy of Krishna is causeless…so Krishna may give to whom ever he likes …although on can do something to attract the mercy of Krishna . because Krishna has a heart. So Krishna is full of appreciation.
It is said that when Draupadai was going through that experience of Dushasana was trying to pull her cloth .at that time she surrenedered to Krishna and she called out ” Hey Govinda”. And Krishna later said that whenever I remember how Draupadi just surrendered unto Me ..in My heart My appreciation for her is increasing. So Krishna deeply appreciates and feels enlivened by the service of His devotee. Thus devotional service can attract Krishna. And this is what we keep in mind.
We may not have love for Krishna .but devotional service to Krishna can attract the mercy of Krishna.

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