We must make arrangements to catch ourselves. The mind is sort of…well, they say nowadays, ‘spaced out!’ (dramatic) uh, what are you thinking about? ‘uhhhh I don’t know. Nothing in particular…’ is that nirvana? I don’t know what it is, but it’s not Krsna consciousness! Krsna consciousness means that we fill the mind full with impressions of Krsna. Yes, we collect many things. Like that we fill the house up with many things related to Krsna. This is one way to fill up our mind with Krsna, fill up our time with Krsna consciousness, empty out our bank account for Krsna and in this way our credit increases. Different ways to attract the favor of Krsna or do something for Krsna…

(HH KKS, DBN, SA, 2009)

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