HH KKS: …In the fifth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam we find a description which is called the forest of material enjoyment …and there the attempt is made to destroy all our illusions about enjoying the material world and to thoroughly remind us how no matter what you do .it’s never going to work! Even if everything is goes well …remember in that forest….i don’t know if you remember the details…one thing in that forest was there was this constant noise …and the noise of the crickets( Maharaja makes cricket sounds)…The constant crickets which was representing the constant gossip and criticsm that is always there in this world ….always people that talk behind our back …that somehow or other telling things about us totally untrue and destroying our reputation and upsetting us and what not..to give one example.
So many other examples were given in the forest of material enjoyment…how a pilgrim who was traveling to the forest would be plundered by robbers and dacoits…and how a family man would be plundered by his family members…and working so hard and whatever is earned all disappears..all these things were being made and there is no end to the needs in the material world……

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