It’s said that even a lion, although he’s a king of the animals- the king of the forest- everyone is living in fear of the lion, even the elephants tip toe through the forest when the lions are roaring. Not a noise because everyone is scared of the lion. But still, it’s said that a lion has to go out and hunt; it’s not that the deers will just run into it’s mouth while he’s asleep- no, he has to go out and hunt. So in Krsna consciousness we have to hunt, but we’re not used to that. This is laziness- we want it all automatic. (Indian accent) ‘Still not coming this Krsna consciousness! I put the tilak, and still not coming…why?’
Because we have to hunt! And the thing is, that which was enough in the beginning is not enough anymore after some time. After some time you have to do more. And if you’re not satisfied, it means that you’re not doing enough! As simple as that! Of course you may say that, ‘I have no time to do more…’ then use the time you have better to put some more Krsna. There’s always space; I’m sure that Mr Gupta is still putting more pictures!

(HH KKS, DBN, SA, 2009)

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