Maya has a fishing rod and this fishing rod is coming down into to the water and there’s a line and on there, there’s a hook. And on that hook there is a delicious piece of bait and we sort of swim past and we see that hook- we’ve got hooked before, if you know what I mean– and it hurts. So this time we say, ‘oh no Maya, no, no thank you; I’m not going to bite your hook- no, no, no way! But we swim past- ‘God it looks good! It looks terribly good! Then what if I nibble a litttttle bit on the side…just a little? A little bit of the bait! In that way I’ll get the bait without the hook! Hey! That’s the trick!’ and thus everyone thinks that they can somehow or other nibble and get a little bit without getting hooked. But of course it doesn’t work. Maya sees the little floater moving and with an expert wrist movement…again hooked! So Maya is always waiting nearby to slap you down! And well, then when you’re slapped down, then you sort of come to your senses…so those who have so much difficulty with the power of Maya testing us, well, just wait a while and after you’ve been crushed a bit then maybe you’ll come back. So intelligence is the only thing that can save us. Maya is heavy…

(HH KKS, Dbn, SA, 2009)

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