A devotee may have a different meditation at different points in time. For example, in the beginning, when one is not yet following all the regulative principles, one’s meditation may be- how can I come to this point? How can I get there? When one is not yet chanting 16 rounds, one’s meditation may be- how do I get there? When one is not yet initiated, one may start thinking- well, maybe one day I should be. And that is already a big step. Just to decide- okay, one day I should be- that’s the beginning. Then the next step is how do I get there. But first that determination has to be there- one day I should be. So there are different kinds of meditations at different stages in one’s spiritual life.

One meditation that is mentioned in the Nectar of Devotion is sändränanda-visesätmä, it is the meditation where one must make his devotional service more and more dense. That means more and more devotional service. The day has 24 hours- how much devotional service is there in the day? Let’s put more! Let’s put more devotional service, in between the devotional service! And then in between that devotional service and the other devotional service, you can put some more devotional service. Then let us put some devotional service on top of the devotional service! Let us just pack it with devotional service, more and more! Any service for Krsna we can do, but all service must be preceded and followed by chanting. Thus we always chant. Then let us make devotional service more meaningful, let us not just do it all mechanical but let us really do it with great quality. Whatever service we do, let us do it first class- really nice. That’s also making it more dense because you know, if your offering is on automatic pilot it’s not the same. So in this way, this point of sändränanda-visesätmä, is on my mind. It has been on my mind for a while and it will be there maybe for my entire stay in South Africa. So everything will be related to this point…

(HH KKS, DBN, SA, 2009)

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