HH KKS: ….We indeed have no faith in the material world . sometimes we speak about material desires and of all material desires ..especially desires for enjoying sexual activity are the strongest material desires. So these are the strongest desires for material enjoyment.
A devotee may or may not have such desires…that is there…but when a devotee is situated in knowledge: then he has no faith in these desires. Therefore we can make a declaration of no faith in sex. No faith that it will make us happy. The material energy may be there..the attraction may be there, the mind may become agitated and the senses may push…but if we believe in it ..that this will make us happy…that is maya. Then we are thoroughly in maya….if we think material things will actually give us happiness.
Thus we have no faith in the material energy..and it begins there. So even if we have material desires …but if we have no faith in our material desires then we will not invest in material desires………..

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