HH KKS: I stayed here for quite some years and in those years I everyday chanted japa in Srila Prabhupada’s house…I everyday went to the aarti in the Samadhi and I could just everywhere…I felt that here in Vrndavana in this Krisha Balarama Mandir…I felt this is an amazing place …because here Krishna is more present than anywhere in the world…I felt..more than anywhere in the world..one can feel the prescence of Krishna here….I said ..but..almost even more present here in this Krsna Balarama Mandir is Srila Prabhupada…and that sort of struck me so much. And that is something that I could never forget…and even up to the day of today that is actually secretly what I am experiencing when I am coming here. In this home of Srila Prabhupada and seeing the Krishna Balarama temple…which is his temple….the temple that he was so happy ..so happy to finally complete……that first aarti when Prabhupada offered the first aarti to Krishna and Balarama the ecstasy that Prabhupada experienced and his bliss enjoyed …that was so great and when he turned round to the audience and waved the peacock fan the entire audience became caught up in that ecstasy and at the very end Prabhupada just…didn’t even blow the conch…but began to preach straight off the altar….!!!

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