Presented by: Bh. Chris Diamond

Chris is a 2nd year BA Hindi & Music student at SOAS. He was born in South Africa and raised/educated in the United States. Since his early teens he’s had a keen interest in Indian religious as well as artistic traditions. Studying North Indian Classical music (sitar), South Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam), and East Indian Classical dance (Odissi), from the age of 14, he developed a keen understanding of the way in which peoples religious traditions are expressed through artistic and literary expressions. He believes that by sharing culture and art, a greater understanding between the world’s diverse religious and philosophical traditions is possible.

Since coming to London two years ago, Chris has become more involved with the local ISKCON (Hare Krishna) devotees and has led the SOAS Krishna Consciousness Society this past year. Chris hopes that Vaisnava Vani will show many more people the traditions of Vedic India which he holds so dear.

Chris Diamond : “I want to seek all of your blessings for my new radio venture. I’m allowed free reign and access to my universities radio student as a music student, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to create some Vaisnava friendly radio content (classes, kirtans, etc.) that would enliven a devotee as well as using it to preach to my fellow students.”

Listen to his first Podcast on the Brahma-samhita

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