HH KKS: Sadasiva is also an expansion of Maha visnu the whole shiva mystery is also very complex to understand. It is mentioned in detail of the Brhad of Sanatan Goswami and there it is stated between the material world and the spiritual world is the viraja river this viraja river is like the border between the material world and the spiritual world. That same viraja river is known as the casual ocean at times. So it is said that on both sides of the river, on the very banks of either side there is an abode of Lord Shiva. On the material side that is mount Kailash. Originally this abode was the abode of Kuvera the treasurer of the demigods , but Kuvera offered it to Shiva and thus Shiva settle there and became His abode. However on the spiritual side of the river there is another abode of Shiva and another form of Shiva, that abode of Shiva is sometimes refered to as Shivaloka and the Shiva form that is residing there is Sadashiva , and it is said Sadashiva is actually an expansion of Maha visnu and thus He is in the category of Visnu tattva. He is Visnu tattva. But then when we go to where the demigod Shiva resides , the Bramha samhita says – just as milk is transforming into yoghurt so as Lord Shiva Sadashiva – the Visnu expansion crosses the Viraja river He transforms into the demigod Shiva. The milk is transformed into yoghurt. Advaita acharya in none other than Sadasiva. This He is visnu tattva. Thus He is an expansion of Lord Visnu , so He is an avatar. Bhakta avatar. He is an avatar of Lord Visnu..(03/2009-Leicester,UK)

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