Video clip of Kadamba Kanana Maharaja dancing in kirtana- 10 April 2009, Durban Ratha Yatra

“And this is the transcendental adventure of this festival! We don’t know where this festival will take us. We have come here to experience it, we have come here to glorify Krsna, we’ve come here to give it our everything, to go beyond our limits and to somehow or other see where it will take us, and one will be carried by the ecstasy of another and together we will reach heights where we have never experienced before. And in this way we are churning and churning the nectar- the nectar ocean of this chanting of the Holy Name! And it becomes an addiction; we have to do it again and again. And thus come again and again for this Ratha Yatra festival hoping to taste new inspiration, new flavors, new tastes of this chanting of the Holy Name. This is the miracle of this festival. It’s not a show, it’s not at all a show with different actors on stage and different acts; it’s a purely spiritual experience and whenever the devotees really throw themselves into glorifying and worshipping Krsna and to chanting His Holy Name in ecstasy, then the spiritual world descends! And thus we have come from far…from wherever we came for that experience- that transcendental experience of ecstatic taste in glorifying Krsna again and again and again!”

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