Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: We have lost so much knowledge, what do we know about what was knowledge of before? What to speak of deeper knowledge? Not only material knowledge but what to speak of deeper knowledge, what to speak about the goal of life, what is the goal of life? To keep my head above water, in this modern society it’s a struggle, somehow or other got to work hard. We have got it good but you’ve got to really

work for it, there’s no time, no time: I mean 8 hours work, 1 hour lunch break, sitting in the traffic for 1 hour in the morning at least, going back 1 hour, 11 hours at least and then coming home: Fix all the broken things and meanwhile family and kids: all chaos…how much time?
No time, no time to think, no time to live and thinking anyway is dangerous: Don’t think! Whatever you do…please don’t think because you might question, ‘What am I dong with my life?’ People that sit and think start to think, ‘Is it all worth it?’: Don’t think turn on the TV…quick! Go on the internet, whatever you do don’t think, stay busy, keep busy, very busy….thus the deeper questions in life, ‘Why am I here?…’What is the goal of life? These questions are lost now lost. Who asks that? You go out on the street and say hey: ’What is the goal of life?’ and they look at you like ’Are you ok?’ I mean, they shake their head: ’Some idiot you know’ and then they come home ”Can you believe it, I met some nutcase he approached me in the street and you know what he asked me?…‘What is the goal of life!?’ “My God, No, it’s getting crazier every day!”
This is actually what’s going on if you think about it.
..(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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