Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: it’s fundamentally not working…it’s fundamentally not possible because it is only illusory enjoyment…whatever enjoyment that is here…the little bit that is real is just because the material energy is the reflection of the spiritual energy…so because it reflects the real thing therefore there is a little bit of real enjoyment in this material world therefore we cannot say the material experience is complete illusion because it is the reflection of the real thing…so…even the reflection is enjoyable…so there is some real enjoyment in the material world but still it is a little difficult to taste the reflection…it is a little hard…it is a little difficult if you have a reflection of a delicious meal…it is a little difficult…it looks really very attractive but it doesn’t really do the job when it comes to satisfying our hunger…therefore In the material world everyone is always hungry…and…or…another way to say always effected by lusty desires…these lusty desires then they become so strong they become so strong they begin to influence our entire consciousness…they’re everywhere…and the result is…(SANSKRIT)…then our consciousness becomes covered…it becomes covered and we can no longer perceive Krishna then we forget Krishna…thus forgetfulness of Krishna is not just due to our own poor memory rather it due to becoming preoccupied more and more with lusty activities with the desire to enjoy… .(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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